Sabé Masson

The Soft Perfume

Created in 2015 by Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud, Sabé Masson brand is the first House of Soft Perfume.

Influenced by the science and poetry of the plant world, Sabé Masson creates perfumes of beauty and well-being, “good for the skin, good for the soul”.

The mission of this house is to reinvent the customs of perfume by bringing into our daily newspapers innovative and unique formats and formulations, natural and respectful.

Without alcohol and parabens, the Soft Perfume is in solid form and now in a liquid form too.

The Soft Perfume Solid comes in the form of perfume stick, 5 grams, about 300 applications. This “Parfum de Soin” is composed of a natural cosmetic paste, to which is added 10% of fragrances developed in the most famous perfumeries of France. Nourishing, delicate and sophisticated, Soft Perfumes are ideal for all types of skin, even the most sensitive ones. Soft Perfumes offer a new perfume ritual.

Scents: Artist, Belle Furieuse, Parisian Rhapsody, Lucky Bay, La Reine Soleil, Georges et moi, Né des Roses, Copacabana, Zazou…

Soft Solid Perfume 5 gr : 22 €