We invite you to explore the universe of perfumery, a unique olfactory experience, and to create your own fragrance.

In our Nice Showroom, you will discover the evolution of parfumery, its innovations and mysterious ingredients with an interactive presentation before composing your 30 ml Eau de Parfum.

in the intimate ambiance of our atelier, our Perfume Workshop offers you the occasion to be a Perfumer for a day and create your custom-made perfume.

Ideal for women, men, children, it can be also offered as special gift with our Gift Card

The little bonus ?

We keep your precious formulas on file so we can reproduce it for you at any time.

Your Unique Perfume, delivered to you in a 50 ml bottle labeled with your perfume name, in a box.

Price of Workshop : 65 €



“Superbe expérience, trés instructive… ce que j’ai aimé c’est que l’on ressort avec notre création mais surtout on ressort avec le sourire!! je recommande à 100%. Sophiane de Volx, France

“…voyage fabuleux, bouleversant, époustouflant. Vos cellules olfactives vont se régaler. Les ondes positives m’ont traversées le corps pendant 2 heures d’affilée.”  Ramy – Dakar, Sénégal

“Selecting the ingredients to produce our individual fragrance was so enjoyable. An unforgettable afternoon! ” Kathryn – UK

 “It is not only about understanding the scents but understanding yourself. Unbelievable experience.”  Svetlana – Tver, Russia

“The result was amazing, I will definitely order more it is now my favorite and I named it Memories. Would highly recommended this experience it is truly unique.”  Anna – Brisbane, Australia

An absolutely amazing experience! Both Sasha and Sylvie were wonderful hosts and instructors. I would recommend this to anyone who is in Nice. I loved it! Brad – Toronto, Canada