Your Private Perfume Workshop

The Perfume made for and by you, in the privacy of your own home

Create your Custom-made Perfume at home

Our Perfume Creation Kit offers you the unique opportunity unique to plunge yourself into the world of a perfumer and compose your very own formula.

With our Perfume Kit « Initiation », you have everything you need to conduct your own Perfume Workshop in the comfort and calm of your own home, and create several unique perfumes, using high quality ingedients form Grasse.

You will discover the 7 Perfume Families of Perfumery as well as 22 fundamental scents (Citrus, Floral, Woody, Spices, Fruity, Green, Sweet, Musk, Amber, Animal…).

Alone or accompanied, you will enjoy creating one or several Perfumes, according to your taste, your nose, your skin.


  • After your first creations, you can re-order refills allowing you to continue experienting.
  • We are always available to answer any of your questions.


  • 22 Perfume Bases 100% French, produced in Grasse, perfect for feminin, masculin and unisexe fragrances.
  • 2 Elegant bottles of 15 ml which are re-usable in order to compose several perfumes.
  • 1 Complete Instruction Manual including Formulas and a presentation of the Olfactory families.
  • 7 Perfumed Blotters corresponding to each Olfactory Familly
  • 1 Set of Blotters for your trials



Your Private Perfume Workshop.

It’s educational, personal, creative, simple, exclusive, convivial.

It’s YOU !

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun.

– Mary Lou Cook


With our Perfume Creation Box, step into the shoes of a Perfumer!

Whether to give as a gift or simply treat yourself, a Perfume Creation Box is a unique experience! Equipped with 22 key perfume notes, perfume blotters, pipettes and spray bottles, you are in the shoes of a perfumer while staying at home!

An Olfactory Discovery

You discover the different ingredients used to make your fragrance. With our perfume creation kit, you will familiarize yourself with the essences of plants and flowers. Then, you will become more autonomous in the mixture of scents and you will deepen your knowledge of the world of fragrance. You have the opportunity to repeat the experience to design perfumes for your loved ones… an original idea for a gift!

coffret création parfum

How to use your Perfume Creation Box ?

Our perfume creation kit is designed for all skill levels. So even if you are new to perfumery, the kit is very user friendly. The perfume creation kit includes everything you need to make your perfume easily: 22 ingredients, pipettes for dosing, key notes, 2 spray bottles as well as a complete booklet with instructions, formulas, advice. Of course, this does not prevent you from giving free rein to your imagination when mixing the scents. After all, designing your perfume should be fun. Take advantage of this workshop to make your perfume at home and follow your nose.

Offer the Unique Gift of Unique Fragrance

For Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, for a Birthdays or Christmas, all occasions are good to offer this perfume creation box. There is no doubt that the recipient of your present will be pleasantly surprised by this original and personalized idea!

Faites votre Parfum Sur-Mesure

You can also make your loved one’s perfume yourself with our kit to make their perfume. You know your other half better than anyone. So on Valentine’s Day, give him/her a perfume made with your own hands. This is an original and romantic gift par excellence! All you have to do is put your DIY creation in a pretty wrapping paper and you’re done!

With our concept of perfume creation box, you offer the opportunity to create a fragrance from home and at your own pace. Our box comes with a kit to make your perfume ready to use. Good news, no need for notions in perfumery to start composing your personalized perfume. The most of our offer? We are at your disposal to accompany you in your start or your finish.

The 22 notes included in your “Initiation” Box :

  1. Orange Lime
  2. Bergamote
  3. Aldéhyde
  4. Black Currant
  5. Néroli (Orange Blossom)
  6. Rose
  7. White Flowers
  8. Iris
  9. Lavender
  10. Powdery
  11. Sweet Spices
  12. Fig
  13. Woody (Sandalwood, Cedar)
  14. Vétiver
  15. Patchouli
  16. Animal Note
  17. White Musk
  18. Black and Pink Pepper
  19. Oud Vanilla
  20. Vanilla Caramel
  21. Blackberry Musc
  22. Amber